Name: Bingo

Position: Reception

Sometimes could not work properly and does not respond  to the command.


Name: Giggio

Position: Pizza Taster

The most advanced Pizza Taster. If she eats it's delicious.



The imprint of the hand painted in many caves, was perhaps the first sign of "individuality" in human history. 

This is the ALTERNATIVE HOUSE created from Marco Leoni’s and

Animé du zkukkuiz experience and passion for art, design, food and wine.


Wines Lover, Food Lover or just need privacy and charm the Alt House Gallery it's your place.

Warm and Familiar atmosphere 

Genuine and Tasty food made with love and tradition 

Cosiness and Privacy for special event with your beloved, friends or for business dinner


ALT HOUSE GALLERY is both an interesting gallery and a various amazing bar of food and drinks. In the GALLERY you can find our works of art: drawings, photography. In the BAR you can drink tasty beers, amazing Italian selection of wine, caffè espresso, or you can have delicious premium cocktails, most fanciful delicatessen and others.

ALT HOUSE PRIVATE KITCHEN   serves special dinners made only for you. Just choose the main dish from our lovely menù and your favorite wine (recommended). Then have a tasteful experience in our homy cooking.

I was born in Italy and I am the youngest son, I would like to share my love and my knowledge of cooking from my grandmothers, my parents to you all. 




Contact us to book a table for any occasion.

We accept reservations for up to 20 people, for the BAR with drinks and tastes of delicatessen.

We accept reservations for up to 8 people, for the PRIVATE KITCHEN.

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